We are delighted to let you know that the Vint Cerf luncheon won the FIA National Award for best special event in Australia last year. 
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Hear and Saqy Centre wins Fundraising Institute of Australia National Prize for Vint Cerf Seminar


Dr Vinton Cerf, co-founder of the internet and the 2007 keynote speaker at the Hear and Say Centre’s biggest fundraising event, addressed 750 of Brisbane’s top business leaders and the message was clear - people with a disability such as deafness can overcome it and make world changing discoveries.

The Hear and Say Centre raised more than $100,000 at this event, winning the Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) Award, National Fundraising Special Event of 2007 in Perth on Monday.
“The communication about disability was positive, the speaker was appropriate to the audience, and the electronic invitation matched message-to-medium, all combined to achieve outstanding results for the Hear and Say Centre” said Dr Sue-Anne Wallace, CEO of FIA.

“People often assume that only large charities can be successful fundraisers but FIA’s awards showed otherwise. The Hear and Say Centre’s award winning event is proof of this.” Dr Wallace added.
FIA’s Awards for Excellence in Fundraising has been running for over twenty five years, commencing shortly after 1968 when the professional association opened its doors. The Awards are a key element of FIA’s goal of promoting best practice and professionalism in fundraising.
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Dr Sue-Anne Wallace
Chief Executive Officer Fundraising Institute Australia
Phone: 0410 459 075
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Deborah Beder
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25 February 2008

FIA’s Awards for Excellence in Fundraising are supported by Xponential Fundraising – a company assisting nonprofit organisations in their income development, human resourcing and graphic design work.
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