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Brisbane News May 2008. He may have grown up in Australia, but Alessandro remains exuberant about his birth country. Who wouldn’t? It’s easy to be passionate about Italy and share in its enduring love affair with food, music, fashion, art – and life.“You don’t have to be born Italian to feel Italian,” says Alessandro, of Alderley, who has organised an impressive line-up for the second annual Italian Week. “The festival is not an imprint of what you find in Italy because what we have here is different, but it is an extension of Italy.”It’s this fusion of cultures that drives Alessandro – and he’s well qualified to blend the two.

Born in Milan, he moved to Queensland in 1970, but after school he returned, first as a backpacker for six months,and more recently to live and work for five years, dividing his time between Tuscany, Umbria and Sicily. Read the full article 


Alessandro Sorbello and Sofie Formica for the Great South East Italian Week co-production with the Great South East. With Sofie Formica we presented an insight into Italian Week 2008 which went to air on the 11th of May 2008 to a Queensland audience. 

No lire to fly to Rome or Milan? No problem - it is possible to have an authentic Italian experience in Brisbane, if you just know where to go. La Dolce Vita Restaurant at Park Road is the unofficial Italian heart of Brisbane and a good place to start your tour of Brisbane Italian-Style with l’espresso.

Apart from food and family, fashion is important in Italian cultural life. For stylish European designs, look no further than Elio Moda in Brisbane. Elio Marzullo is the man behind this classic label, known for its sophisticated men and womens-wear.

To sample the best of Italy, put Italian Week 2008 in your diary. It takes place at South Bank Parklands from 26th May to 2nd June and showcases Italian food, music, fashion and glamorous sports-cars. See the film here and read the article on the Great South East site

Hear and Say Centre wins national award! - Dr Vinton Cerf, co-founder of the internet and the 2007 keynote speaker at the Hear and Say Centre’s biggest fundraising event, addressed 750 of Brisbane’s top business leaders and the message was clear - people with a disability such as deafness can overcome it and make world changing discoveries. Read more

Peter Cupples formed the Masons Cure which later grew into Stylus. With great hits such as "Summer Breeze", "Living in a world of make believe" Stylus were destined to move on to greater things.

Vint Cerf who co-invented TCP/IP with Bob Kahn has step down from an unpaid position as Chairman of Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). He is replaced by Peter Dengate Thrush.

On March 2007, Dr Vinton Cerf presented ‘Internet, Infinity and Beyond’ in Brisbane Australia, he was interviewed at a press conference hosted by Alessandro Sorbello of New Realm Media. 

Italian Consul Announces launch of Official Italian Week for Brisbane Australia.  2nd – 6th of June 2007. Francesco Capecchi, Consul for Queensland and Northern Territory takes great pride in announcing Brisbane’s First Official Italian Week.  Opening Italian Week are Pop/rock group ‘TRIM’ direct from Rome who will perform a two hour FREE concert at Suncorp Piazza at Southbank on Saturday 2nd of  June at 2.00pm. As part of their ‘Uncut Tour’ TRIM will perform at La Dolce Vita in Park Road Milton on Sunday 3rd of June. 

The Australian domain name market has been somewhat erratic in its evolution and the evidence of this are quite noticeable to the international marketplace.  The changes in the early part of 2000 which essentially allowed domain name to be acquired to businesses and private individuals did not take into consideration the applications which had been lodged and rejected prior to the amendments, therefore, those who had attempted to register domain names and enter into emerging marketplaces were penalised for their foresight. 

Vinton Gray Cerf (born June 23, 1943) (last name pronounced just like the English word "surf") is an American computer scientist who is commonly referred to as one of the "founding fathers of the Internet" for his key technical and managerial role, together with Bob Kahn, in the creation of the Internet and the TCP/IP protocols which it uses.

It's a great privilege for me, to be able to attend tonight an event that I define with no hesitation as exception. Actually an event that prompted me and my wife to travel all the way from Canberra, in order to attend it. Why? Certainly because of the art and culture that will transpire from it, but I think one of the authors will give you an up-line, a description and introduction to it much more eloquently that what I can do.

Dr Vinton G Cerf cofounder of the internet and Senior Vice President at Google presents Internet infinity and beyond recorded in Brisbane Australia March 2007.

Italian Week is in its first year in Brisbane and celebrates the ‘Festa della Repubblica’ which marks the 61st anniversary of Italian Republic Day in 1946. This year’s events include a free concert by Italian Pop Rock bank TRIM- which will open the festivities at 2pm on June 2 at Suncorp Piazza at Southbank Parklands.

For years now I’ve had people ask me about podcast transcriptions. So I’m pleased to announce that TPN has just started working with UK company Pods In Print to provide transcripts for some of our shows. We’re going to start with a couple to test out demand - G’Day World, Digital Photography Show and Napoleon.

Fashion, design, Food, Wine, film, Music, and of course Sport all feature as the main components of the festival. Taste Gelatto, Watch a film with gorgeous actors, drinks some wine and come see the history of the Italian infuence in shaping Sydney and Australia. At venues all over the city including the impetuous Norton Street.

the best of Sicily. From Agrigento to Taormina, including Palermo, Cefalu, Segesta, and Siracusa, beautiful photos to enjoy.

Dr. Cerf's presentation are available online at New Realm - His enlightening discussion addresses many aspects of Internet's past and future and hightlights some of the challenges which we face as the Internet community continues to expand. Alessandro Sorbello's interview with Dr Cerf can be read at the same site.

On Wednesday the 8th of March 2007, Dr Vinton G. Cerf presented “Internet, Infinity and beyond” at the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre. Dr Cerf’s presentation was in Australia to officially official launch  Hear and Say WorldWide.

The rich heritage of entrepreneurship and democracy online which has pumped billions of dollars into our economy, indeed is one of America’s last great hopes for innovation and success would be doomed just to line the pockets of stumbling telecommunications giants for a few more years. We cannot allow this to happen. Even as a libertarian I believe in this case it is the government’s job to prevent networks from becoming “gatekeepers,” at very least until there are sufficient networks to allow everyone a fair shot at being accessed and at being accessible.

Monreale (contraction of monte-reale, "royal mountain", so-called from a palace built here by Roger I of Sicily) is a small city in the province of Palermo, in Sicily, Italy, on the slope of Monte Caputo, overlooking the beautiful and very fertile valley called "La Conca d'oro" (the Golden Shell), famed for its orange, olive and almond trees, the produce of which is exported in large quantities. The town has approximately 30,000 and is located 15 km (12 mi) south of  Palermo.

Francesco Capecchi, Italian Consul for Queensland and Northern Territory Annamaria Lelli, Director, Istituto Italiano.

Italian Rock bank TRIM will perform a Free concert at Suncorp Piazza at Southbank Parklands as part of the opening of Italian Week in Brisbane. The Rome based musicians have been invited by the Italian Consul to perform for the Festa della Republica.

"People were originally speculating, but over the last few years people are realising that this market is still emerging and is quite undervalued," says Alessandro Sorbello of Brisbane-based Intuitive Domains. "So the tendency is to acquire domain names and not put them on the market but to hold them."

Dr Vinton Cerf - Founder of the Internet Talkback On March 2007, Alessandro Sorbello of New Realm Media interviewed Dr Vinton Cerf who was in Brisbane Australia.

Sicily is directly adjacent to the region of Calabria via the Strait of Messina to the east.

Taormina (Greek: ?a???µ????? - Tauromenion; Latin Tauromenium) is a comune and small town on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy, in the Province of Messina, about midway between Messina (ancient Messana) and Catania (ancient Catana). Taormina has been a very popular tourist destination since the 19th century.

Kuranda District School is a public school in North Queensland and is situated in a rural area on the edges of the rain forest. In 2007 it was incorporated with the local high school, assuming the current status of a district school with 220 students including 88 belonging to the aboriginal community.

Sicily is directly adjacent to the region of Calabria via the Strait of Messina to the east. The early Roman name for Sicily was Trinacria, alluding to its triangular shape. The Sensational Sicily Project is a collaboration with the Region of Sicily, The Italian Chamber of Commerce, Alessandro Sorbello Productions.

Alessandro Sorbello is a freelance Editor, Writer, Designer and Producer based in Australia and Italy. An Internet Media specialist operating in the sector since 1997.

Australia has long recognised the importance of preserving its rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage and was one of the first signatories to the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage. Since then, 182 countries have ratified the treaty. Sites nominated for  World Heritage listing are inscribed on the list only after they have been carefully assessed as representing the best examples of the world’s cultural and natural heritage.

Peter Cupples performs a Tribute to Australian Rock Bank 'Goanna' With Solid Rock. Produced and presented by Alessandro Sorbello Peter Cupples  performed this track to a small group of friends in Brisbane Australia.  

The Sensational Sicily Series of Films presented by Alessandro Sorbello showcase one of  the most beautiful regions on earth, rich in history, Sicily formed part of the cradle of civilization. Please enjoy Taormina, Jewel of Sicily.

Live at FESTITALIA, Brisbane RNA Showgrounds 1/07/2007. Alessandro Sorbello Filmed and produced Jo Camilleri and the Black Sorrows

Dr Cerf is one of the founders of the internet. The interview was conducted over the telephone on Wednesday evening. He was in Brisbane, I was in Sydney. 

Dr Vinton G Cerf, cofounder of the internet and Senior Vice President at Google presents Internet infinity and beyond recorded in Brisbane Australia March 2007. 'Presented Internet Infinity and Beyond' 

Produced by Alessandro Sorbello and featuring original music by Jaider. Film taken from the air in the same location as Under A Tuscan Sun in Cortona Tuscany.

Dr Vinton G Cerf, cofounder of the internet and Senior Vice President at Google presents 'Internet infinity and beyond' recorded in Brisbane Australia March 2007. Presented by Alessandro Sorbello.

The Botanic Garden in Palermo, stretching over an area of 10 hectares, is a real green lung and an important sanctuary for various plant species. It also contains busts dedicated to historical figures. The Entella Grotto Nature Reserve, in the Palermo area, offers a splendid environment that includes a man-made lake.

One of a series of films produced by Alessandro Sorbello and featuring original music by Jaider  Film taken from the air in the same location as Under A Tuscan Sun Cortona is a small but fascinating city in the province of Arezzo.

Noto, Comune di Noto Noto is "a living book". It is a stone garden, on every corner of which capitals, baroque friezes, churches and noble palaces will be found. There are cities and countries exist which, by their names, recall the purity and the harmony of art. Noto, is one of them; with its architectural and cultural beauties, it arouses in the visitors the greatest idea of what the men of talent created in this temple of live stones.

Starace Janfolla Ambassador Italy in Canberra. Ms Jan Jarratt, MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries , Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Women representing the Premier of Queensland. Mr Michael Choi, Parliamentary Secretary for Environment and Multiculturalism representing the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

It has important mountain groups: Peloritani, Nebrodi, Madonie, Iblei. The coasts offers a landscape of beauty almost everywhere; groups of smaller islands are scattered round the coast (the Eolie or Lipari, Ustica, the Egadi. the isle of Pantelleria and the Pelagie).

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