Greetings and Welcome! Your arrival on this site is probably a result of one of the following possibilities: we met somewhere and now you have decided to have a closer look at some of the things we may have discussed. Someone mentioned my name to you and now you are looking into whether my services may be useful to your project, or perhaps you came across my name or work on the Internet and became curious to know more. Either way, thanks for stopping by; maybe you will find this site entertaining or interesting enough to remain awhile.

As the body of work I have already completed or is in various stages of development is somewhat extensive, I have decided to begin at the present, therefore much of the work you will find starts with projects completed or in progress as of 2007. In due course, I will add previous projects and profiles of work completed in the past.

One of the first projects commenced with studying the processes for developing Vortals in market sectors, and as such the first market sector was in the rapidly expanding field of accommodation, my portfolio of specialized intuitive domains in this market offered ample opportunity to develop in the leading global tourist sectors. A project which I developed through my company New Realm Media
Have fun, enjoy and let me know your thoughts if you feel we may be able to collaborate.