Consulate of Italy in Brisbane
the Consul
Brisbane, 3rd June 2008

Dear Mr. Sorbello
I wish to congratulate you for your great contribution to the success of the Official Italian Week 2008.

This Consulate of Italy recognizes and appreciates your great personal effort as the producer of the Official Italian Week 2008 in order to present with us, a real image of our country in Brisbane, through events of great quality.

Both Italians and Australians who were present to the Official Italian Week appreciated the quality of the programme and the level of organization of the events. You already know how much I evaluate your contribution, but allow me to say that it was thanks to your passion, persistence, professionalism that a modern, vibrant and vital image of our country was so successfully presented.

I wish to thank you again for your precious cooperation, sure that we will be associated also to the Official Italian Week 2009

Best Regards
Francesco Capecchi

Sig. Alessandro Sorbello
Direttore New Realm Media
PO Box 1198 Stafford,
QLD 4053

Letter from Italian Consulate Alessandro Sorbello 2008

Italian Week 2007- June 2007, Alessandro Sorbello produces Italian Week for the Italian Consulate in Queensland. Executive Producer for Dance Theatre piece ‘...Arrivi ...Partenze’. New Realm Media, produced the event and the website as well as all the marketing and promotions.

As ‘Italian Week’ is in its first year, I am happy to have your assistance in the promotion and development of what we believe will become an important annual cultural event in Brisbane. Italian Week is a celebration which allows me to associate the name of the Consulate of Italy and myself personally to a series of events which I consider of utmost importance, due to their artistic level and for the impact they will have on the Italian Community residing in Brisbane and for all Australians appreciating the unique value of Italian Culture.

 As we have already discussed, I am interested in portraying Italy in the modern and dynamic context and as such we are pleased to have your collaboration, as New Realm Media is currently promoting Italy in this fashion.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Francesco Capecchi, 
Consul of Italy in Queensland  and Northern Territory

Hear And Say WorldWide -  Official launch of ‘Hear and Say Worldwide’ in the Brisbane Convention Centre,  Media, and Internet Presence   Launched by Dr Vinton G Cerf, Co founder of the Internet and senior Vice President at Google  . Alessandro Sorbello presented Dr Cerf to the Australia Media and hosted the press conference, New Realm produced the website for the event and charity and was the major media partner for the event. Alessandro produced the Film ‘Internet, Infinity and Beyond’ which will be released on DVD shortly.

Dear Alessandro

I am writing to formally thank you for all your help and support with the marketing and promotion of the Vint Cerf luncheon. You and your staff were invaluable in assisting us to market the event at a national level. Once New Realm Media became involved in the e-marketing of the event, the bookings increased significantly. Your idea and execution of a press conference was a wonderful adjunct and certainly gave a great deal of exposure to the Hear and Say Centre.

Having the presentation on-line and available for download has given us an additional revenue stream and is working well indeed. On a personal note, I would like to add that working with you and your staff was a real pleasure. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner and took much of the pain out of the “unknown” for us at the Centre. We are certainly looking forward to working with you again in the future.   regarding Vinton Cerf promotion.

Kind regards
Karen Dahlskog,  Hear and Say Centre

Hear and Say Centre wins national award! - Dr Vinton Cerf, co-founder of the internet and the 2007 keynote speaker at the Hear and Say Centre’s biggest fundraising event, addressed 750 of Brisbane’s top business leaders and the message was clear - people with a disability such as deafness can overcome it and make world changing discoveries. Read more

'... Arrivi...Partenze' - dance-theatre piece '... Arrivi ... Partenze' officially opened by The Ambassador for Italy in Canberra, H.E. Stefano Starace Janfolla. The event was a joint venture between, Multicultural Affairs Queensland, The Italian Government, New Realm Media and Dadadance, who choreographed the peice. My role was executive producer.

What a marvellous production, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation as I am sure all of your audience did. I particularly enjoyed the clever mix of multimedia in your interpretation of the Italian migrant and their trials in the journey to a new land. The tempo of accompanying music was perfect.

Congratulations, Bravo! and may i say thank you for having me as your

Jan Jarratt
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for State Development,
Employment and Industrial Relations.