Dr Vinton Cerf at the Media Conference hosted by Alessandro SorbelloQuestion: I would then like to begin by posing the first question to Dr. Cerf – “‘Hear and Say WorldWide’ is an organisation which you are clearly passionate about, can you tell us a little about how you came to be involved with Dimity and the ‘Hear and Say Centre.’
Dr Vinton G. Cerf : Dimity came to our family by way of the audio verbal international program for teaching people how to listen and how to hear. My wife Sigrid is a double Cochlear Ear implantee... More
Now I think before we get to more questions about this that committee should have an opportunity to tell you about her passion and the scope of the ‘Hear and Say WorldWide’. So Dimity can I ask you to tell our friends here in the press a little bit more about it. Dimity
Question: How would you describe man in the Internet era? 
Dr. Cerf: So you can actually see some of the side effects. What happens when you get a billion people all connected together and able to interact?... More 
Question: What's the connection between what you have done with the Internet and what you are doing with Google and your development of Internet forming those protocols and what you are doing now? 
Dr. Cerf - The closest I come to connecting these to is that my wife has these cochlear implants and they have speech processes I want to reprogram the speech processes.... More 
Question: How hard will it be? 
Dr. Cerf - It is not hard at all. I found something like this with TCP/IP is easy so it's all within the state-of-the-art there's nothing I said that cannot be done in a couple of months time... More 
Question: I'm wondering though this meshing of technology with biology which seems to be something that a lot of futurists seem to be speaking about Richard Clarke schism speaks about trans humanism do you think this has potential to get out of hand to create. When the secure become an enhancement when does a wonder the lines begin to blur between technology which allows us to function normally and technology which enhances.
Dr. Cerf - This is an absolutely wonderful point I took a comment and a lot exactly along those lines in an earlier speech this morning... More 
Question:  Who decides who gets access to this technology and capabilities? Is it solely determined by who can afford the technology? What implications are there for the society when you have super humans running around with? 
Dr. Cerf - Well first of all let's not get too carried away out of so that all technology tends to be of the available to people who can find the way to afford it .. More 
Question: How far away is this technology? 
Dr Cerf - The optical implants for example and the spinal implants, my view which is relatively uninformed, the person who could really give you their information... More 
Question: In 1998 you have been awarded by the Marconi prize for lasting contribution to human progress in the field of communication, science and the Internet and so I was wondering how do you feel about this weighty recognition and especially since I'm representing Italy here about Marconi's role in modern communication.
Dr. Cerf - Well Marconi is as all you know I hope know is credited with the invention of radio if you dig deep into the history you'll discover a number of other names that were contemporary with him. More 
Question: The Internet is a means of democratization but it's also a means of standardization. What are your reflections on this? 
Dr. Cerf - The answer is yes.  Some people think that standardizing means a suppression of creativity. I consider this to be completely invalid reasoning... More 
Question: Are you disappointed with the take-up of ID P6 paragraph?  
Dr. Cerf - Yes, IDP six was standardized in the early 1990s the version of Internet that you are using today was standardized 1978. More 
Question: Have you ever sit back and reflect on the usage of the Internet worldwide and are you entirely happy with the way it's evolving the content and use.
Dr. Cerf - Well obviously I have watched this thing evolved for the past 35 plus years... More 
Question:  We have just been talking about democratization, Wikipedia and democracy. The evolution of the Internet is following several trajectories. Is it still something related to democracy or is it a mob rule?
Dr. Cerf - It's a very good question, it's not too different from talking to the Oak said its English dictionary guys that will say it is part of the... More 
Question: What new things have been on the net in the last years in general?
Dr. Cerf - So I've already mentioned a little bit about mobiles and broadband and things like that. This is a clear trends that you can anticipate. More