A Selection of websites designed and produced by Alessandro Sorbello for various events and projects recently - here I have featured some of the more interesting within a cross section - it is an indication only and in due course I will add other projects and websites.

Italian Week 2008

Italian Week 2008 Logo Designed and Produced by Alessandro Sorbello

Italian Week 2008 is a project initiated by the Italian Consulate for Queensland and Northern Territory and supported by the Italian Government, this year’s program of events promises to surprise and delight as we work toward presenting the best that Italy ‘down under’ has to offer.  Italian Week is a week long experience of food, culture and celebrations, a celebration of a nation. This year we present The Italian Motor Expo, The Italian Song Festival, Italian Foods and Wine and some of Australia’s best Italian Designers.. Come Celebrate in 2008. 

Italy and the Italians of this state are proud to present Italian Week 2008, an Italy of today. An Italy that is vibrant, youthful and above all, an Italy that is willing to encourage the development of the youth within our community. Italian Week 2008 is an opening of Italy. An Italy that is interested of not only educating its culture to the world but to also give an opportunity to the youth of today to be a part of a project that will be beneficial to their cultural and professional lives as a whole. Let yourself be a part of a thrilling, amazing, entertaining and above all mystifying adventure through Italy.

Loud Shirt Day

Loud Shirt Day website designed and produced by Alessandro Sorbello

Recently my latest project comes to practical completion - Loud Shirt Day – and whilst some elements come to conclusion, other aspects are now commencing. Loud Shirt Day is a project created for the Hear and Say Centre – a charity organisation teaching children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak since 1992. 

The Centre aims for its children to achieve speech and language in the normal range for their age by six years of age giving them the opportunity for a mainstream education, employment of choice and social integration with the hearing world. This wonderful organisation transforms lives – those of whom it assist directly through the eradication of deafness, those whose live are touched as a result which includes family and friends and those such as myself who are blessed to assist in the processes. Read More

Butterfly Appeal

Butterfly Appeal Logo and Website designed and produced by Alessandro Sorbello

Another project for the Hear and Say Centre, the Butterfly Appeal - is designed to assist raise much needed funding which in turn allows additional children to enter into the program and enter in the world of hearing. Through the Butterfly Appeal, you can brighten your day with beautiful butterflies and help change a child’s life forever! Wear a butterfly between the 31st March and 30th April 2008 and show your support of young Queensland children who are deaf or hearing impaired. You can purchase your butterfly or butterfly item online or at any Suncorp branch or KFC outlet during the appeal. Each project which I am fortunate enough to work on with the team at the Hear and Say Centre, provides further reinforcement that offering our talents and services to the community enriches the lives of all concerned. If you feel you can and would like to participate, then please contact Robyn at the centre.

ciao darling  ~ la dolce vita

Ciao Darling - La Dolce Vita by Alessandro Sorbellociao darling ~ la dolce vita Italia - The land of 'la dolce vita', of astounding cultural and gastronomical experiences, of style, organised chaos, village life and city centres. Italy - The land of 'la dolce vita' of astounding cultural and gastronomical experiences, of style, organised chaos, village life, city centres. 'Ciao Darling' and welcome! Here you will find useful information for travellers. This site was developed by an Australian/Italian who returned to rediscover that Italy is so much more than a country - its a state of mind and a way of life. Italy is a land celebrated for the arts, and not the least among the arts that have attained their highest expression in Italy is the art of hospitality. The Italian welcome is as warm and traditional as a glass of fine wine. Italy is one of the most popular vacation countries in Europe, all seasons being good for a visit. In summer, Italy is an international playground, with visitors from all continents mingling with vacationing Italians at the famous resorts. Fascinating and appealing, it’s easy to see how my love affair with the country of my birth is expressed on this site, enjoy!!

International Accommodation

International Accommodation

Factory Outlet Shopping

Factory Outlet ShoppingFactory Outlet Shopping - The new Factory Outlet Directory has over 2,000 Factory Outlets in Australia and is being updated constantly by the Team at Factory Outlet Shopping and by the Factory Outlets themselves! If your looking for Factory Outlets and great savings, then you are at THE RIGHT PLACE! The concept of 'Outlet' has proliferated in the past few years in Australia and Internationally, it seems everyone wants to take advantage of this phenomenon. This is of course great for the consumer and shopper as it cuts out the middle retailers and permits Manufacturers to sell 'Direct To The Public'. In the early 1990's Alessandro visited various Factory Outlets in California and saw how the phenomenon was spreading and would continue to grow internationally. Upon returning to Australia he established and managed 'The Outlet' a Factory Outlet Shopping centre in Brisbane's inner city. This was the city's first destination specific Factory Outlet Centre and was hugely successful, hosting shopping tours for various Brisbane and Queensland based companies. It would not be unusual to see up to 15 coaches on any given day arrive with shoppers from all over the state coming to take advantage of the great bargains in this centre. 'The Outlet' was host to the only Bras N Things Factory Outlet in Australia.

Red Dragon Bonsai

Red Dragon Bonsai designed and built by Alessandro Sorbello

A great enthusiasm for Bonsai and a quest to learn more created the catalyst for producing a web project for Chris White for Red Dragon Bonsai. Red Dragon Bonsai specialises in Bonsai, Bonsai Trees, Bonsai Tools, Bonsai Pots, Penjing, Pensai, Landscape. In the words of Chris 'Because Bonsai is our passion, we were able to incorporate this passion into the philosophy of our business. Essentially, we enjoy doing bonsai, talking bonsai and teaching - sharing our passion, encouraging people to learn and develop. We take great pleasure in helping people who are interested in Bonsai.

'At Red Dragon Bonsai, we want to see people develop their skills and knowledge of bonsai as well as experience the joy and pleasure by expressing themselves in this art form. We take time to spend with our clients in helping them find exactly what type of tree or pot they are seeking. '

Every individual has a different nature and character - as do our bonsai's - we help people find the right one for them. The philosophy and art of Bonsai is difficult to put in words, but is instantly recognized when seen. The reason for this is its history of development, through many countries, and many cultures. Some of its roots are found in the mystic philosophy of Taoism and Buddhism. It has been a journey, starting out of necessity, and ending in living works of art. This evolution continues today, and will continue to develop as a unique art. The west is yet to gain a full appreciation of this fascinating cross between art and horticulture. For all of those whom it touches, it always leaves a deep impression, often triggering the desire to grow one of these miniature trees.

Australian National Parks

Australian National Parks - Official website created and Produced by Alessandro SorbelloWelcome to AustralianNationalParks.com a comprehensive guide to Australia's Greatest Natural Resource. The wilderness can be part of our lives, if only for a few days each year, and nowhere else is it easier to realize that than in Australia. For Australia has one of the largest and greatest national park systems in the world, covering over 24 million hectares, with such diversity as lush rain forest to waterless desert. This website offers a comprehensive overview of each of the National Parks in Australia. The wilderness can be part of our lives, if only for a few days each year, and nowhere else is it easier to realize that than in Australia. More than 58 million hectares (ha) of protected areas cover about 7.55 per cent of Australia's continental land area. In addition to the national parks on the mainland, there are others located on Australia's external territories, including Norfolk Island (650 ha), Christmas Island (8952 ha), Pulu Keeling (2602 ha), Heard and McDonald Islands (1 138 260 ha) and the Australian Antarctic Territories (1 153 610 ha). With these areas included, a total of 60.4 million ha (7.85 per cent) of Australia's land area is protected.

Great Italians

Great Italians is a  tribute to the artists, poets, writers, adventurers and geniuses from Italy, Great Italians profiles some of the history makers and history changers from the Greco-Roman times to the present. 

Book of Five Rings

The Book of Book Rings designed by Alessandro Sorbello

Strategy is the craft of the warrior ... If you practise day and night ... your spirit will naturally broaden. Thus is large scale strategy and the strategy of hand to hand combat propagated in the world. This is recorded for the first time in the five books of Ground, Water, Fire, Tradition (Wind), and Void (Emptiness). This is the Way to learn my strategy. Excerpts from Miyamoto Musashi’s classic masterpiece ‘The Book Of Five Rings’. Miyamoto Musashi c. 1584–June 13 (Japanese calendar: May 19), 1645), also known as Shinmen Takezo, Miyamoto Bennosuke, or by his Buddhist name Niten Doraku, was a Japanese swordsman famed for his duels and distinctive style. Musashi, as he is often simply known, became legendary through his outstanding swordsmanship in numerous duels, even from a very young age. He is the founder of the Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu or Niten-ryu style of swordsmanship and the author of The Book of Five Rings Go Rin No Sho, a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today. 

Leonardo da Vinci - Quotations

Often quoted and understood to be one of the great geniuses of humanity, Leonardo da Vinci was the complete renaissance man. Please enjoy some of his quotations.
It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. - Leonardo da Vinci -

Queensland Vineyards

The quality of Queensland wines and Queensland Vineyards are now recognised as among the best in Australia. Overseas exports are increasing, particularly to international markets seeking premium quality boutique wines. Queensland Wine is now exported to 16 countries and the Wine Industry Development Department says the industry is now worth over $40 million dollars annually. In an ironic twist, Angelo Puglisi's Ballandean Estate on the Granite Belt now sells more wine in restaurants abroad than it does at Queensland eateries.

Marcus Aurelius - Meditations

Marcus Aurelius Meditations designed and produced by Alessandro SorbelloMeditations - Marcus Aurelius - The emperor Marcus Aelius Aurelius Antoninus who reigned from 161-160 was the only Roman emperor besides Julius Caesar whose writings were to become part of the canon of Western classics. His Meditations are a loosely-organized set of thoughts relating to the stoic philosophy which had been popular among the better-educated citizens of Rome for some centuries. It stressed self-discipline, virtue, and inner tranquillity. Aurelius was also a social reformer who worked for the improvement of the lot of the poor, slaves, and convicted criminals.  As a philosopher he is remembered for his Meditations, a compendium of 12 books of moral precepts written in Greek while on his various campaigns. The work is an important formulation of the philosophy of Stoicism and reveals his belief that the moral life leads to tranquillity. It stresses the virtues of wisdom, justice, fortitude, and moderation.  The Meditations is essentially a notebook of jottings, covering a wide range of subjects, musing on, for example, the concept of beauty, personal behaviour, and, particularly, the themes of life and death, goodness, and wisdom. These excerpts demonstrate the varied nature of the work and the strong flavour of Stoicism, the predominant philosophy at the time, which permeates the text. 


Italian Week

Italian Week and Initiative of the Italian Consulate and produced by Alessandro Sorbello

'Italian Week' An initiative of the Consol of Italy, Dr Francesco Capecchi, Italian Week highlights Italian Culture which has fused within our community and environment. Music, Food, Wine, Motor Vehicles and Fashion come together during a week of celebrations. The inaugural event commenced in 2007 and was produced by Alessandro Sorbello. As a recognition of an important synergic cooperation, the Ambassador of Italy in Canberra, H.E. Stefano Starace Janfolla and Mr. Marcia Ann Starace Janfolla, decided to participate to the event, flying from Canberra just for this occasion. The words of the Ambassador constitute a stimulus to continue following the same path for all the people who contributed to the success of the event. In his address he emphasised that projects as the one we presented, a remarkable result of a common effort of the Consulate of Italy and the Queensland Government, represent important moments for their contribution towards the definition of a common culture in a world which is becoming increasingly multicultural.


Having lived in Taormina, in Sicily and a regular visitor to Castelmola, is a beautiful village perched almost precariously above Taormina. The lovely hamlet is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.  Warm friendly people and spectacular panoramas characterize the village. Castelmola offers a balcony over Taormina and the bay of Giardini Naxos and is framed by the mysterious and beautiful active volcano, Mount Etna. Its narrow winding streets and Old world charm make Castelmola a destination for anyone wishing to experience the enchanting beauty of Sicily from one of its most spectacular villages.