Ciao Darling La Dolce Vita designed by Alessandro Sorbello 

ciao darling - la dolce vita is a project which is very dear to my heart as it was one of the first major websites which I designed, created, researched and built whilst living in Italy. Many years and hundreds of websites later, I am still very proud of 'Ciao Darling - la dolce vita'. This website was the precursor to the International Accommodation Vortal and was used as a method of test marketing responses and attitudes of owners of villas, agritourisms and hotels throughout Italy and in particular in Tuscany.  
site summary - Italy - The land of 'la dolce vita', of astounding cultural and gastronomical experiences, of style, organised chaos, village life and city centres. Fascinating and appealing, it’s easy to see how my love affair with the country of my birth is expressed on this site, enjoy!!