Italian Week celebrating the 'Festa della Repubblica' Inaugural event in Queensland June 2007
Italian Week is a collaboration with the Italian Consulate in Queensland and Northern Territory, The Queensland Government (Multicultural Affairs Queensland) Pellegrino Scholarship, New Realm Media and myself. The inaugural event was held on the week commencing the 2nd of June 2007 and celebrates the 'Festa della Repubblica' My role was executive producer .

Italian Week 2007, is a celebration which associaltes the Consulate of Italy to a series of events which are of utmost importance, due to their artistic level and for the impact they will have on the Italian Community residing in Brisbane and for all Australians appreciating the unique value of Italian Culture".
The Consul of Italy in Queensland and Northern Territory -

Celebrating the 'Festa della Republicca' 2nd June 2007, offered a series of artistic and cultural events of a modern and vibrant Italy. In 2007, The Italian Ambassador in Canberra, His Excellency Stefano Starace Janfolla officially opened the main event for Italian Week 2007, flying up from Canberra for the occasion. 

Promotional Poster A, Promotional Poster B, Promotional Poster C, Promotional Poster D, Promotional Poster E, Promotional Poster F, Promotional Poster G, Promotional Animated film for Brisbane City River Cats. Trim Rock concert at Suncorp Piazza in Brisbane. '...Arrivi...Partenze'