Loud Shirt Day -

Hello my friends,

Recently my latest project comes to practical completion -  Loud Shirt Day – and whilst some elements come to conclusion, other aspects are now commencing. Loud Shirt Day is a project of the Hear and Say Centre – a charity organisation teaching children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak since 1992. 

The Centre aims for its children to achieve speech and language in the normal range for their age by six years of age giving them the opportunity for a mainstream education, employment of choice and social integration with the hearing world. 

This wonderful organisation transforms lives – those of whom it assist directly through the eradication of deafness, those whose lives are touched as a result, which includes family and friends and those such as myself who are blessed to assist in the processes.

All well and good – true? Now let me recount a story as to how the game of chess originated...

In one likely story about the creation of chess, the King of Hind, possibly India, commissioned a peasant or minister to create a strategy game of surpassing quality. The king, pleased with the result asked the inventor to name his price. The inventor gave the king a choice, his own weight in gold, or, the king could put one grain of rice on the first square of the board, two on the second, 4 on the 3rd, and keep on doubling the number of grains for every one of the 64 squares. The king hastily chose the second option. Somewhere around square 32, he came to a realization that there was not enough rice in the kingdom.  It is said that  the first half of the chessboard would have represented some 100,000 kg of rice, while the second half would have required 460 billion tonnes, some six times the mass of all life on Earth.

Thus is the power of multiplication.

The principles behind Loud Shirt Day work in similar ways – they provide opportunity.

Have you ever wondered how many emails are sent each day? Turns out, over 171 billion – yes, billion – emails are sent daily. That breaks down to 2 million email messages every second. 

The charity uses ‘bootstrapping’ marketing, its focus is on facilitating entry for children born deaf into its program – the cost for this is $10,000 per child – sound like a lot? Please consider the grain of rice principle -  If you participate and through your efforts you directly raise $5.00 (and have lots of fun doing it!!) and you tell your friends and workmates – and they participate and raise $5.00 each and they tell their friends and workmates and each of them also achieves the same result as you and that process continues ....until .... 


Is it possible??

Would you take your weight in gold or would you accept one grain of rice??

We would ask you to participate and pass on this message – the power which is contained within these actions - which each of us can easily do...

.... Transforms lives

Perhaps yours too...