Official opening of '...Arrivi ...Partenze'

Italian Ambassador in Canberra Stefano Starace Janfolla and Alessandro SorbelloAlessandro Sorbello - Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening. 

His Excellency, Mr Stefano Starace Janfolla Ambassador Italy in Canberra. 
Ms Jan Jarratt, MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries , Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Women representing the Premier of Queensland.
Mr Michael Choi, Parliamentary Secretary for Environment and Multiculturalism representing the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. 
Dr Francesco Capecchi, Consul of Italy for Queensland and Northern Territory, The Hon Santo Santoro,  and other distinguished guests. Welcome to the Premier of ‘ ...Arrivi ...Partenze’. 

May I call upon His Excellency, Mr Stefano Starace Janfolla to address you all. The ambassador has arrived from Canberra for the premier and we are honoured to have him here. 

His Excellency, Mr Stefano Starace Janfolla - Distinguished authorities,  dear friends, 

It’s a great privilege for me, to be able to attend tonight an event that I define with no hesitation as exception.  Actually an event that prompted me and my wife to travel all the way from Canberra, in order to attend it. Why? Certainly because of the art and culture that will transpire from it, but I think one of the authors will give you an up-line, a description and introduction to it much more eloquently that what I can do. 

But I came because this is the kind of episode that an ambassador wishes to attend.  Because it’s a high moment of cooperation, between two countries, two realities, two cultures. And whenever these two meet its always a happy moment. And I wanted to attend a happy moment for culture, for the image of Italy for the image of Australia.

Now, the nature of the event is multicultural almost by definition, in that it brings together several forms of art, theatre, music, dance. But also it brings a number of artists, both from Italy, Australia and other countries, together to express the best of themselves.

The concept of the event, and I don’t want to call it a play. I call it an event because it’s a complex one. Is the notion of the voyage, movement. I will not reveal a secret if I say this idea was born within the Italian consulate in Brisbane. And I think it was a brilliant ideas and I am sure that it will be brilliantly enacted tonight. By the effort of many.

The Italian government and the government of Queensland have supported this event, financially, and of course, we hope that tonight, you will by your applause decree its success. So that an event of this kind will be able to travel, perhaps to other cities in Australia and bring the message of I would say essentially of a multicultural effort, done and I am sure very well done. 

So I hope you will enjoy the event tonight. And again by your applause decree its great success. Thank you very much for your attendance.